Tuesday, October 03, 2006


21st February, 2006 Eindhoven. This was my first visit back to the new-look Effenaar and I was impressed. From the view outside of the ladies loo to the absence of heavies at the front of the stage, I have nothing but praise. The support band this evening, The Brakes are from my home town (Brighton) so I didn't want to miss their show. They seemed to really enjoy themselves and have some good songs - 'Heard about your band'. The singer sounds strangely like the singer from the Violent Femmes. They closed their set with the opening chords of Munich. The crowd seemed to contain a lot of 'foreigners' and some misplaced Goths. As the Editors aren't yet as big in Holland as in England, it was easy to get right down to the front of the stage. Tom was easily in touching distance, which is why I love this type of venue! It was a great set and the crowd were really rocking. I wanted to see this for myself...everyone sang along. They saved my favourite song for the final encore, a powerful and extended version of Fingers in the factories. Fantastic stuff. Hmmm, walking back to the car, my legs seemed to have turned into lead! Obviously, I'm not as fit as I thought I was.

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I was there and they were really good!