Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cage the Elephant


Not the main stage in the 013 for this band who effortlessly sell out large venues in England, but the small stage and about 40 people. The incorrect description of the band on the 013 website obviously didn't help attract potential fans. I wanted to go after seeing their performance on Jools and having read about the hype in England.

They were supported tonight by Uncle Frankle. A Dutch Brit-pop style band who reminded me a little of early Blur. I thought they looked great, all wearing the same gear and despite their being only 20 teenage girls actually watching them, they did go for it. The songs were predictable pop, but I have to say quite catchy. I was quite happy to take the free CD home and the songs really aren't all that bad.

So, from the squeaky clean, white jeaned Uncle Frankle to the dirty, drunken and wild Cage the Elephant. Ha, it was a riot from the minute they came on. What a pity the room wasn't heaving with fans, but those that were there, were captivated by this whirlwind performance. Matt Schultz loves to be watched and loves to perform. He never stopped dancing, jumping, pissing about with the others and posing. He said he had broken his ribs and was drunk but that didn't slow him down. He was like a young Iggy. The music was a bit of everything, from punk to funk, from Chilli Peppers to Iggy Pop. This was definitely a band I'd like to see again. Next time with a sell out crowd please.

Matt Schultz climbs back up on the stage

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